5 Incredible Weight Loss Transformations That Will Blow Your Mind

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It’s already spring and there’s only a couple of months left until summer, which means it’s about time to get back in shape after winter. It’s never easy, and a lot of the time, no matter how hard we try, we tend to lose momentum after about a week. We fall off the wagon, only to start panicking a week before we have to go on vacation. Who are you trying to fool? There’s very little chance you’ll manage to get a bikini body in a week. In order to get inspired and start getting fit, let’s look at some incredible weight loss transformations. These women have done an amazing job, and they did it the old fashioned way: through clean eating and exercise. It took them a lot of time, but I think once you see the results you’ll realize it was worth it. All you need is proper motivation.



Grace was always a chubby kid. She’s had problems with overeating from a very young age. She was bullied at school for being bigger than the other kids, and after finishing school her weight only grew. She tried some quick fad diets, but they never worked and she would quit after a couple of days. In the end she thought that she just wasn’t meant to be slim and accepted that this is how she’s supposed to look. This all changed when her boyfriend, Dan, proposed to her. As a joke, and in preparation for the big day, Dan wanted to carry Grace across the threshold of their home and he just couldn’t do it. At the time she weighed around 250 lbs. That incident was what shocked Grace into getting fit. She wanted her future husband to be able to pick her up, she wanted to look good in her wedding dress and she wanted to look good on her big day. She started by taking long walks to walk her dogs, but soon after joined a slimming program in her local gym. She followed the food plan they offered and worked out regularly. It wasn’t easy at all, the first time she got on a treadmill she couldn’t even run. It took her 4 years to get to her goal weight of 140 lbs and she looks amazing. In the end all that hard work paid off, don’t you think?

Kim is still only a teenager, yet she’s managed to learn a life lesson that most of us still struggle even in our adulthood. That life lesson is that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Kim says that her problems with gaining weight started in early childhood. By the time she was 8 she weighed 130 lbs and it only got worse with the years. She says her biggest problem was emotional eating. She was bullied at school every day for being bigger, and when she came home she ate her feelings away. At the young age of 14 she weighed 240 lbs and that’s when she decided that her life needs to change. She started counting calories and eating healthy. Kim stuck to eating 1200 calories a day and said goodbye to fast food. She also joined a field hockey team at school, because she knew she needed to be more active. She didn’t have to wait long to see the results. With her new eating habits and a bit of exercising the weight started to fall off. She was losing around 4 lbs a week. That only spurred her on. After the hockey season ended she decided she needs to find a different way to exercise. She joined a gym with her mum, and after that she decided to start running just in her neighborhood. Later on, she also started lifting weights and doing some ab exercises. It took Kim 3 years but by age 17 she reached her goal weight of 130 lbs. She says she feels absolutely wonderful and she did it all herself. No supplements, no tricks, just healthy eating and exercise.



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