Ten Good Reasons To Snip A LinkedIn Connection

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It feels good to grow your LinkedIn network. It’s satisfying to see your first-degree connection count climbing. Most of us want to add more LinkedIn connections — not lose the ones we’ve got! But sometimes it makes sense to prune the rosebush and snip some of your LinkedIn connections.

I didn’t realize when I joined LinkedIn back in 2003 that not everyone has the same point of view about networking. Some people see networking as a way of creating and maintaining relationships. Other people think about networking differently. Some people see networking as a way of growing the audience for their products and services.

Some people get a new LinkedIn connection and immediately think “How can I use my new connection to grow my own network?” Those may be the first people you remove from your network!

Here are ten good reasons to snip a LinkedIn connection — and simple instructions for doing so.


Ten Good Reasons To Snip A LinkedIn Connection

  1. Your first-degree LinkedIn connection spams you (in your LinkedIn inbox or your email inbox — or both).
  2. Your LinkedIn connection spams your other connections and they tell you about it.
  3. .Your LinkedIn connection, having been invited to join your network or having had his or her invitation accepted, immediately switches into sales mode and starts trying to sell you something Your LinkedIn connection copies the text from your LinkedIn profile or your LinkedIn blog posts and re-uses it.
  4. Your LinkedIn connection posts rude or inappropriate status updates.
  5. Your LinkedIn connection hits you up for introductions you don’t feel comfortable making — and then won’t take No for an answer.
  6. Your LinkedIn connection leans on you for free consulting, somehow believing that because you and he or she are connected on LinkedIn, your services are now free.
  7. Your LinkedIn connection sends you so many messages that you don’t  have time to read them.
  8. Your LinkedIn connection cannot get the message that LinkedIn has more uses than just sales lead generation.
  9. Your LinkedIn connection is creepy, annoying or both.
  10. Here’s how to remove a LinkedIn connection:
  • Navigate to your soon-to-be-former LinkedIn connection’s profile page.
  • Click on the blue horizontal bar with the words “Send a message” on it.
  • When you click on the blue horizontal bar, a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Choose the last item on the drop-down menu: Remove Connection.
  • Your connection is snipped!



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