25 Interesting Cat Behaviors Finally Explained Here

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Ever wonder why your feline roommate does the weird things that she does?

Here’s an expanded list of why your cats act as odd as they do.

1. Nail biting

There are a few reasons that your kitty may bite her nails. One is that she is in desperate need of a trim and is “telling” you to clip them for her.

Two, she’s an anxious kitty with a bad habit. Just like humans bite their nails when nervous or bored, so does your cat.

As this habit may be hard to break, find the root of the problem to see if it is indeed a ball of nerves causing her to nibble at her nails.

2. Eye of the tiger

When your cat is giving you the “eye of the tiger” or looking at something intensely, watch out!

She’s probably ready to pounce on her next prey. Cats like to examine their victims to ensure that when they are finally ready to spring, it will be for good reason.

Unless you don’t want your cat to pounce on the object (think a new pair of Tory Burch flip flops), let her practice her natural instinct.

3. Random sprint

Does your cat run at an enormously fast speed and bounce off of the couch? No need to fear.

Your cat, who can run up to 31 miles per hour, is just exercising!

Most house cats have an extreme amount of energy that gets pent up and needs to be released.

If you’re not regularly exercising your kitty, you may want to start playing or walking him to avoid random sprints through the house.

4. Unladylike sitting

Why do you sit in an unladylike position? Because it’s comfortable, of course! Same goes for your kitty.

When she is sprawled with her legs open, she is relaxed, happy and trusting in you.

She knows that she is safe in your presence, so she can relax.

5. Rubbing against you

The reason your cat rubs against furniture is the same reason she likes to rub herself against you.

She is giving you her “scent;” you are her human, and she wants the whole world to know.

By releasing pheromones from her head, your cat is showing pride in her ownership over you.

6. Uncovered poop

For most people, cats are a great pet because they pretty much clean up after themselves.

But uncovered poo is usually an indication of an angry kitty.

Did you recently show him dominance?

This could be his treat to show you that he is, in fact, the dominant one in your relationship.

7. Hissing

Not only does your cat hiss to express anger, but also fear.

Most cats will hiss when agitated, or to simply warn you to back off and avoid a kitty fit. Others will hiss when they’re afraid of something or someone.

A hiss may also erupt when they feel threatened by a new member of the animal family.

Let your cat calm down, and show him that all is right in his world.

8. Sniffing your face

Cats are naturally curious animals, and this includes a huge curiosity in humans.

They love to smell your face, breath and overall scent. They truly enjoy the warmth that humans present.

If you don’t mind, let her smell as much as she’d like — as it will only make her love and trust you more.

9. Twitching ears

When your cat’s ears are twitching back and forth, they are expressing a feeling of anxiety or agitation.

This action is to show whoever is irritating them to back off.

If not, they may act on the anxiety by running away, hissing or swatting at the source.

10. Ears pointed



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