15 Sexy Ways to Tongue Kiss and Arouse Your Date in Seconds

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A kiss spurs either the start of a new relationship or the end of a bad date. So read our 15 tips on how to tongue kiss and sweep your date off her feet.

Ah, the kiss. It’s something every new, budding relationship enjoys. The much-awaited, yet highly unexpected moment of excitement, expectation, and exhilaration. The split-second connection when your two worlds collide between your lips. Your partner parts her lips a little, the heat turns up a few notches more, and you sense this as your cue to tease her with your tongue—and at that moment, she steps away, a grossed out look on her face. Because you don’t know how to tongue kiss.

You see, while kisses with the lips can be sweet and intimate, nothing says hot like using tongue. In other words, French kissing. However, the tongue kiss can be tricky and one wrong move sends shivers up your partner’s spine. Yes, it’s that easy to get tongue-kissing wrong.

How to tongue kiss without being gross

So if you’re one of those guys afraid to stick out their tongue in the middle of a heated lip-to-lip action because you feel uncertain with what to do with that part of your body, then read on. These top 15 ways show you how to kiss with your tongue and not be gross.

Okay, let’s go over the basics first. You need fresh breath, you have to have soft and supple lips, and you have to be in the mood. No one wants to kiss and taste the blackened sea bass from your dinner plate. Regardless of what the weather is outside, you also must keep the chaps away by giving your puckers a thin coat of lip balm. And of course, be in the moment—to genuinely be into it—when you lock lips with your date.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get onto how to tongue kiss.

#1 Tilt your head to the side. Nothing says amateur, first-timer, or plain awful than someone who kisses with their head stiffly straight and upright while they pout their lips for the kiss.

By doing this, not only will you potentially bump your partner’s head and nose, but it’s just not comfortable, much less romantic. So in the moment, observe where your partner leans and tilt your head to the opposite for the perfect position.

#2 Keep your eyes closed. Not only is kissing with your eyes open look insincere, it feels plain weird. You better enjoy the kiss with your eyes closed, allowing your other senses take over. Also, it heightens the romance. So, just before your lips come in contact, close your eyes, trust your other senses, and live in the moment.

#3 Wait for the right time. Test the waters if your partner just wants a short and sweet smack on the lips or something more intense, like the French kiss. A good tongue kiss starts slow, with tongueless kissing at first. This is almost mandatory when it’s the first time you kiss your date.

To test the waters, dart your tongue in, open your mouth more widely and ever so lightly sweep your lips on your partner’s lower lip. If your partner reciprocates or opens her mouth more widely as well, then that’s your cue.

#4 Keep your lips loose and relaxed. Remember, your lips must be slightly open and relaxed even while you’re puckered up. A stiff pucker is just awkward, unless you’re kissing your grandma. If you want your kiss to go to the next level, just pucker a little and open your mouth slightly.

#5 All about pressure. At first, use feather-light and subtle pressure so your lips are grazing over your partner’s. This builds more anticipation. Once you start to use some tongue, keep this in mind too. Don’t make your tongue go around and dart all over her oral cavity like fish out of water.



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