10 Most Unusual Theme Restaurants From Around The World

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In the present day food and wine culture of the world, creativity plays a really important role. Restaurateurs keep coming up with really innovative and unusual ideas to provide an awesome dining experience to the customers. Let’s have a look at some of the most unusual and bizarre restaurants around the world that you should visit atleast once in your lifetime:

1. ‘Modern Toilet Restaurant’ – for a not-so “crappy” experience


Location: Taiwan

  • Bathroom themed restaurant chain in Taiwan and some parts of Asia
  • Here food is served in bowls that resemble toilets and bathtubs
  • The seating is also made of toilets

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2. Safe house, “the hippest place on the planet”


Location: Milwaukee, USA

  • Spy theme based restaurant
  • Patrons need a “password” to gain entry into this place
  • Wired magazine described this place as “The hippest place on the planet”

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3. Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant, be ready get you feet wet


Location: Phillipines

  • Located beneath the famous Labasin waterfall
  • Guests can enjoy local cuisine on bamboo made tables while water from the falls run over their feet

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4. Ninja theme Restaurant, New York


Location: New York

  • Ninja themed restaurant famous for its theatrics
  • Magic tricks and Ninja performances are regular happenings here.

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5. D.S. Music Restaurant, weirdest hospital theme restaurant you might have seen


Location: Taipei

  • Hospital themed restaurant where the waitresses are dressed as nurses and beer is served in an I.V.

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6. Restaurant in the Sky (BELGIUM)


Location: Belgium

  • Diners can enjoy their meals 150 feet up in the air
  • Listed in Forbes’ list of most unusual restaurants
  • Similar restaurant have now been started in many other cities

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7. Blindekuh (Switzerland)


Location: Switzerland

  • World’s first dark themed restaurant
  • Was started as an effort to provide employment to visually impaired and blind people and to give people an experience of living without light
  • No light sources are allowed inside the restaurant
  • All the waiters are blind or visually impaired

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8. New Lucky Restaurant Ahmedabad


Location: Ahmedabad, India

  • The place was actually a graveyard on which the restaurant is built
  • The owner decided to keep the graves and build the restaurant around them
  • People can enjoy their food with the graves around them

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9. ‘Ithaa’, the undersea restaurant Maldives


Location: Maldives

  • First of its kind undersea restaurant in the world located 5 metres below sea level at conrad maldives rangali island in the Republic of Maldives
  • People can enjoy an amazing 270 degree view of the Indian ocean while eating

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10. Eat, the silent restaurant in Brooklyn


Location: Brooklyn, USA

Famous for:

  • Its ‘silent’ dinners, which are held once in a week
  • The founder of the restaurant took the inspiration from a Buddhist monastery in India
  • The idea behind ‘silent’ meals is to make people enjoy the essence of food in complete harmony
  • During a ‘silent’ meal, nobody is allowed to talk after they place the order
  • People have to eat the 4 course meal in complete silence



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