22 Romantic Flowers That Are Favorites with Women

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Don’t know what to give your girl? Looking for a way to impress your crush? Give her flowers! These romantic blooms will instantly make her feel special.romantic flowers

If someone tells you flowers are overrated, then they just aren’t receiving bouquets often enough. Flowers are great gifts for any occasion, or even if there is none at all. In fact, you can never go wrong with flowers—you only have to choose the right ones.

Romantic flowers that are favorites with women

Before you get all nerve-wracked choosing from the wide variety and colorful array at your nearby florist, just read up on this list of romantic flowers to give that oh-so-special girl in your life.

#1 Angelica. Soft and subtle, the angelica is easy on the eyes, making it aptly the symbol of stress relief. You can give this to her if she’s feeling down, or to remind her to relax as you give her a vase of angelicas with relaxing and aromatic lavender for her office desk.

#2 Azalea. A symbol of care and love, the azalea plays on dark and light hues that make it look bountiful yet complex. This is a beautiful showcase of utter femininity, and if you want to propose, you can’t go wrong with azaleas.

#3 Blue salvia. Associated with healing and thoughtfulness, you can give this to your girl when she’s feeling under the weather. You can mix it with other flowers such as hydrangeas and azaleas to send her your wishes for recovery.

#4 Carnation. A fascinating flower in itself with its textured petals that give each flower a look of depth, the white carnation is the perfect symbol of fascination indeed. Whether you are getting her white or red, make sure to get an abundant bunch of those that are in full bloom to delight and captivate her.

#5 Cherry blossom. Cherry blossoms have always been a favorite among girls and women alike. Their small, soft petals symbolize delicate femininity, and their sweetly aromatic smell can definitely make your woman smile.

#6 Clematis. If you really want to surprise your lady love, plant some clematis in her garden. This beautiful flower grows with climbing vines that look colorful, romantic, and lush over time. You can also add this to a bouquet with other flowers for a beautiful splash of springtime color on your lady’s bedside, office desk, or table centerpiece.

#7 Daisy. The bright white and yellow of the daisy is perhaps what makes this dainty flower a perfect symbol of liveliness, innocence, and happiness. They look cute as is or as a bright accent to a bouquet of lush blooms. Giving this to your wife after childbirth can brighten up her mood and lift her spirits after an exhaustive time in the delivery room. You can also add even just a single daisy on her table napkin as you serve her breakfast in bed. [Read: 25 really romantic ideas that’ll make your girlfriend melt]

#8 Forget-Me-Not. As the name suggests, this flower is given to commemorate moments or people that should always be remembered. Its blue petals and white-to-yellow centers are bright and eye-catching, and it is great for accenting bouquets of bigger flowers.

#9 Gardenia. Symbolizing secret love, gardenias bloom openly like roses. They come in many colors, and the off-white to white varieties will definitely make your lady love believe your sincere and pure intentions. [Read: How to talk to your crush and make them fall for you]

#10 Hydrangea. Hydrangeas are perhaps one of the most beautifully hued flowers as each copious bunch can showcase a multitude of complex, bright colors that go well with other flowers and for any occasion. Tie a bunch with a simple ribbon or mix it up with other flowers to put in a vase or bouquet and you have the perfect pick-me-up for your girl on any day.



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