Feel Unlovable? 12 Life-Changing Truths You Need to Know

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We all go through down periods in our lives when we feel like we’re unlovable. If this sounds like you, just remember these 12 important things.Unlovable

We all go through those painful moments in life where we get down about ourselves and we feel so bad that it’s almost like we’re unlovable. It’s only natural to feel that way sometimes, and although it’s painful, there are ways to get through it.

No matter why you’re feeling a little down, just know that this feeling won’t last very long. Feeling like you’re unlovable isn’t an everlasting feeling – you can get through it with some time and a little help.

Why we get down on ourselves

Everybody feels like this at some point in their lives, everybody. Even if you seem like the perfect person *and nothing bad ever happens to you*, you will feel this way at some point in your life because it’s only natural.

We get down on ourselves and feel unlovable for a lot of reasons. We may have just gone through a breakup, our self-esteem has dwindled for some reason, or it may even be because someone else told us we were unlovable.

Things to remember when you feel like you’re unlovable

No matter what happened that has you feeling down on yourself, you can’t stay thinking that way for long. Having this mindset for a long time can really take a toll on your life and bring down other aspects of it as well – which nobody wants.

If you start feeling like you’re unlovable, there are really important things that you have to remember. These can help bring you out of that funk and realize that you’re just as – if not more – lovable than anyone else. [Read: 15 little changes that’ll make you feel loved instantly]

#1 Your mind is in a negative place and that’s all. It’s important to remember that when you’re feeling unlovable, it’s not because you’ve done anything wrong or bad, it’s usually because you’re stuck in a negative mindset and you have to get out of it.

Having a negative mindset will bring all good things in your life down to a negative level. Meaning if you’re feeling a little insecure, being too negative about it will make you feel unlovable. Don’t let your mind trick you.

#2 Focusing on positives can help. Instead of dwelling on all of the negative aspects of your life, bring some positivity into it! Only focus on the positive outcomes that may arise from situations, and never let your mind dip into negativity.

By keeping a positive mind, you’ll remove the negative fog that is making you believe that you’re unlovable. Always look for the good and never think about the bad. [Read: How to master self-talk and banish negativity]

#3 Nobody important in your life thinks you’re unlovable. Ask your parents, siblings, cousins, friends, or even your significant other. All of them clearly love you and therefore, you’re automatically lovable!

Nobody important in your life thinks that you’re unlovable, and that’s a really important thing to remember when you’re feeling down. If they don’t think you are, then neither should you.

#4 Negative things other people say don’t matter. There is negativity everywhere. People feed off others’ negativity, and they try to make you feel bad so they can feel better.

The thing you have to remember when you’re feeling unlovable, is that they don’t matter. None of those people saying anything negative or harmful things about you matter at all in your life. Just forget about them, and you’ll remember how lovable you really are. [Read: How to ignore people who ruin a perfectly good day]



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