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Loree and I had just left Xera and had only a short time before we needed to be back at the Danger Garden.  Would we have time to squeeze in one more nursery.  Portland Nursery on Starke isn’t too far.  I said that since I knew the place pretty well, I could do that nursery in 20 minutes.  Loree replied, “I can do that nursery in 13 minutes” to which I responded, “Do that nursery!”  (Do you remember the game show “Name That Tune?”)  So, with our time frame in mind, we zoomed through the nursery, each of us found a plant to purchase, I took a few pictures and we met back at the plant mobile with a minute to spare!  This worked for us because we know the nursery well but if you’ve never been, you should plan to spend at least an hour or two exploring this marvelous place.  See previous posts here.

Who doesn’t love a sale?
Masters of the combination pot, Portland Avenue is always full of great ideas.
Cute pots!
Swoon worthy Rex Begonias.
More bright combinations.
Purple and green are always a good idea.

 I’m digging this coleus this season.  Is it new?  Some grower has decided to feature it as I’ve seen it in a lot of nurseries lately.

I don’t remember this wall being painted vibrant blue.  It’s brilliant with the geraniums (pelargonium) displayed against it.

First chrysanthemum sighting of the season. Now they’re everywhere.  I refuse to believe that it’s that late in the summer already.

Like these cool cats, I’m choosing to believe that summer will go on until Christmas when I want exactly two days of snow followed by a warm spring.

Red and white in the shade house.
Sweet hardy fuchsias.
Farfugium japonicum giganteum  caught my eye and a ride home in the plant mobile!
More fab foliage for shade.

Seriously considered getting one of these candelabra-looking plants but didn’t for some reason.  What was I thinking?

Thanks for joining us for a quickie at Portland Nursery.  Stay tuned for more of our Portland play date.



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