8 Best Things You Enjoy Before Getting Into The Relationship With Him!

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Being single is fun but having a boyfriend has its own merits! Every girl needs a man who can listen to her problems, day out stories and many more sweet things. But before getting into the relationship with him, there are things that you enjoy. Those small moments, waiting for each other, you want him to ask you out, have feelings but don’t know how to define them and much more things!

#1 You Get That Boyfriend Wali Feeling But He Is Not Your Boyfriend!

You both are hanging out with each other, loving each other, kissing each other but he is not your boyfriend YET! Not being into the relationship and still enjoying the relationship perks is a fun thing!

#2 There Is No Space For Jealousy Yet!

 You are happy around him. There is not jealousy type feeling between you both! You both enjoy each other’s company and love that free environment around.

#3 You Are Still A Little Nervous Around Each Other!

You both still feel that little nervousness around each other and that’s incredibly cute about your pre-relationship phase. You work extra hard to be your best self around him and he does the same. That’s cute!

#4 You Both Are Still Learning Small Things About Each Other!

Like, who taught him driving, what was his past, what stupid things he did in his school time, what all are his passions and there is a long list of things you both are exploring about each other!

#5 You Are Nervous And Wondering That When He Will Ask You To Be His GIRLFRIEND!!!

You are curious and excited yet very nervous that how will he propose you? When will he do this? Is he planning something special for you? Is he waiting for that ONE moment? When will you be his girlfriend officially?

#6 You Need Not Fulfill Any Expectations Yet!

 There are no expectations like you have to spend Sunday evening with him, you have to accompany him for shopping, you HAVE TO meet every weekend, you have to call him and tell him about your location and more blah! Blah! Things. You both haven’t established those relationship traditions yet and that’s amazing!

#7 There Aren’t Any Battles, Arguments And Fights Between You Two Yet!

This is the best thing that you both never had fights, arguments, cold wars and battles yet because you are just crushing over each other and had no relationship. Enjoy your clean and happy slate with him it’s best!

#8 S*x Is Great, And It Gets Better Every Single Time You Make Out!

You both have no expectations. You both are not hovering over each other and talking about s*x tips, positions, and new ways 24/7. You both just enjoy s*x and every touch is fire and that’s the best thing!



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