Increased scope of handset subscribers grew Jio –

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Increased scope of mobile handsets to Reliance Jio test since taking Geo SIM is rapidly increasing number of mobile phone subscribers . The test offers a number of handsets to Reliance Jio So far, 19 have been approved . All these brands of Reliance Jio ‘s 4G smartphone offers a three-month test can be obtained .

An increasing number of mobile handsets with SIM use of Geo toll has increased to around 40 million . As per the Telecom Market acceptance of handsets will
grow from Live , and will increase the number of customers .


 Live it offers all of the stores is available on Reliance Digital and Digital Express. Offer is valid for three months RJio Test. Since the
company has not yet commercial launch in three months, so this test offers to its customers, giving RJio. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Geo offers three and
smartphone handset under test has added. These vivo, including HTC and Intex. These three brand 30 June 2016 LTE smartphone sales have more than 42 million.

On Monday, Geo Sony , Videocon and Sansui was included in the list of the 4G smartphone . Also, Samsung, LG , Micromax, as it offers on the brand have
already been opened . Live offers the beginning of the Test of Life was the only brand of Reliance .



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