Massive ‘Magnetosphere’ shield to be built in order to save Earth from apocalyptic Solar Storm

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One of the many dangers in our solar system resides within our sun. Scientists warn that a massive solar storm could wipe out civilization as we know it and we need to prepare ourselves. Now, scientists are hoping to come up with the design of an artificial magnetosphere shield that will help save humans from an incoming solar storm that could END LIFE on Planet Earth.

Magnetosphere Shield to Save Earth from Solar Storm

In the last couple of years, numerous warnings of massive magnetic storms that could wipe out communications and our way of life have been by scientists.

In addition, Earth’s magnetic poles are continuing to shift, and the dangers of a destructive solar storm are greater than ever.

Solar Storms have when a flare detonates in the sun’s atmosphere, traveling to Earth where it impacts our planet’s magnetic field.

If one erupted from the surface of our star, it could destroy communication across Earth for years.

The last time something like this was recorded was in 1859 when telegraph systems across the United States and Europe broke down sending electric shocks to its operators.

Given today’s technology, such a solar storm could have catastrophic results.

This is why Joseph Pelton, a board member of the International Association of Space Safety believes he has an ideal plan to save Earth.

IN a recently published paper in ROOM Dr. Pelton wrote:

“We humans, in fact, have become somewhat complacent about the natural protective systems that our six-sextillion ton spacecraft has to protect us from – solar storms, asteroids and cosmic rays.

“Over the course of the last half-century, the world has finally begun to learn that a massive asteroid or comet strike could create havoc and ruin, on perhaps a planetary scale.

“But what we don’t have is a global understanding that there is a much more likely danger that is increasing over time and is a very real cosmic danger that could knock out our electric power grids, kill key satellite systems for communications and navigation and defence.

“This cosmic menace could knock out the time synchronisation of the global Internet which is essential for it to continue to function day in, day out.”

As Earth’s magnetic poles continue to shift our likely nemesis is a massive solar storm

As Earth’s magnetic poles continue to shift our likely nemesis is a massive solar storm

Dr. Pelton has warned that a solar storm could potentially knock out the time synchronisation of the global Internet. Why is this important? Well because this synchronisation is imperative for the internet to continue working as it does right now.

Dr. Pelton added: “A massive coronal mass ejection that brings millions of tons of ions travelling perhaps at two million kilometres an hour, could leave the world’s economic systems and global infrastructure in shambles.”

This is why Dr. Pelton and a group of researchers are cooking up a plan on how to save Earth.

They believe an X.-men styled ‘magnetosphere’ shield could be the best solution.

Dr. Jospeh continues saying: “It is time for those leading our space agencies to consider what technologies they might conceive and implement to save Earth and the human race. To put not too fine a point on it now is the time for them to start doing their truly core mission to save Earth.”




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