Too Attractive?—Top 10 Celebs’s Ass you Can’t Unsee!!

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The Hollywood red carpet is prone with fashion shocking attires, some expose whole while some still observe the rules. The scenarios where female celebs show up on the red carpet for pics yet, dressed in a sexual provocative manner is no longer a news to the Hollywood fans.

Some divas of the Hollywood with unseen ass are a conspicuous community. There are community of celebs with perfect butts but rarely do they expose it nude for the thirsty public eyes’ to watch during the camera roll.

Check down the following hot butts of the Hollywood’s divas which have never been seen by our “naked” eyes;

10. Emmy Rossum


The sexy young lady known by her role-“SHAMELESS”, is always more attractive whenever the cameras face the ass direction. Emmy is endowed with a sexy ass that makes her fans embrace her physical presence during the Hollywood parties and official events though she has never gone total nude!

9. Sofia Vergara


Vergara is not a new list in Hollywood red carpets due to her juicy ass. The shape and size is well compatibles that leave every man look twice before going into the world of fantasy!

8. Minka Kelly


The best ass of 2010 when she rocked the red carpets with sexy gowns which wrapped her curves in a sexy dimension. The actress is frequent in gym hence she has worked effectively hard to achieve the sexiness!

7. Blake Lively


The Hollywood breakthrough performer of the year is hard to ignore she turns around. The sexy diva is too attractive when she turns her back for the cameras and 2011 was her year she became too ass lively!

6. Jennifer Aniston


The actress is loved by her Facebook fans due to her physical appearance. Jennifer has maintained a sexy body that is alluring whenever her sexy butt is cover on pages.

5. Marisa Miller


Swimsuit sexiness-Miller Marisa is the ambassador. The actress is not new in to the red carpets since she got a thing behind her that makes cameras turn directions!

4. Kate Hudson


“How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days” actress is lovely when you watch her rear view. The sexiness lies of the ass lies in the eyes of the viewer because this diva is super sexy crazy whenever she is watched from behind!

3. Eva Mendes


Love natural curvy assets?—hehehe, then Mendes always makes my red carpets sessions curvy because whenever she always wine it around, the fantasy don’t stop!—it takes me to a world of curviness.

2. Beyoncé Knowles


The wife to the hardcore rapper-Jay-Z, is not left out. The diva is killing it with the high degree of her curviness whenever that back asset is turned around!

1. Jennifer Lopez


Who can dare deny Lopez attention whenever she wines her back juicy goodies? Hope none, because real ass in this industry is pioneered by the sexy diva who still drive gentlemen crazy whenever she turns up on the red carpets for cameras.

Point Of View

The celebs’ ass sexually attracts attention of the audience hence promotes their business relations. The pressure of possessing sexy curves in Hollywood is still a theory that, many new actress still investing on to capture the attention but, these above quoted divas have always pulled in it in a decent way that leave their back assets unseen!



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