10 Times Kate Upton Broke The Internet

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Not only has Kate Upton been able to “bust” into the modeling industry despite the fact that she doesn’t have the typical model body, but she has broken the Internet on a number of occasions with the frenzy that surrounds some of her photos and videos.

  Proving that sometimes the most appealing aspects of a woman revolve around her personality, some of her videos depicting the most flamboyant parts of her personality just helped to amp up her sex appeal.

Check out 10 times that Kate Upton broke the Internet, and see how the world has been captivated by this buxom beauty.

1. The aforementioned Dougie.

2. When she rejected #brand robot Darren Rovell on live TV.

3. The Cat Daddy was fun, until it wasn’t.

4. The most TMZ of TMZ headlines.

5. Every family’s Easter tradition: watching this video.

6. No one has won the Sobe staring contest.


8. Kate Upton…IN SPACE.

9. She broke it, not necessarily in a good way, with her never-ending Game of War ad.

10.Her new friendship with Alexandria Daddario (that movie will make $2 billion)

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