10 Superb Beauty Tricks To Apply

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Bad habits are easy to catch. Eating fast food, drinking too much alcohol, smoking and excessive sunbathing negatively influence our appearance.

Good habits might seem tiresome; nevertheless, it is a smart choice to follow them since it takes merely days or weeks at most to see the positive results. Here what you can do to improve your looks.

1. Pat on Concealer
This makeup product of rather thick texture should be patted when applied. Be careful when applying the product around your eye area. Patting concealer is the only way to avoid cakey look. If too much concealer is used it will define even the finest wrinkles and make you look older.

2. Light Makeup
Do not apply a thick layer of makeup. Make it light and invisible. Cakey makeup looks awful, especially by day. It damages your skin, too. Foundation, powder, and concealer clog your pores. Later on it might lead to breakouts, allergies. Too much shadow around you eyes increase the amount of wrinkles and, as we all know, the skin around eyes is always dry and thin. Be careful and avoid thick and heavy makeup. Let your skin rest at least 1 or 2 days a week and use no makeup at all if possible.

3. Either Lips or Eyes
It’s fine if you love being noticed by others. Just do not overdo all at the same time. Decide which is going to stand out today – your eyes or your lips? Smokey eyes or bright and shimmery eye shadow look fantastic only if lips are of neutral color. Feel like wearing bright lip gloss? Then use less aggressive eye shadow shades.

4. Clarifying Shampoo
If you use a lot of various hair products, then you are most probable to have hair that needs special attention. Hair products such as conditioners, hair spray and hair mousse tend to build up making your hair heavy and dull. In this case what we suggest is that you wash your hair with clarifying shampoo. This kind of shampoo should not be used too often, but clarifying your hair once or twice a month is really a good thing to do.

5. Do Not Stick With One Product Only
Switching products now and then is sometimes all you need to do to solve the problem. Even if you think that beauty products that you use are of the best quality money can buy, try and replace them with some other brand. You cannot eat apples only for the rest of your life, right? The same could be said about your body. It also needs a change.

6. Remove Your Makeup Before Sleep
Let you skin have a rest at night. No matter how tired and exhausted you feel, spend a few minutes and wash off all your makeup. Left for the night, makeup will clog your pores and the next morning you will wake up looking even more tired than before. Clean your face with a makeup remover, apply moisturizer or nourishing cream. If you are short of time, then use makeup removing tissues – they are effective yet easy to use.

7. Do Not Buy Makeup without Testing
Do not waste your money on makeup that you will never use just because it is not effective or does not suit your skin type. Test makeup before purchasing it to make sure it does not cause rash or any other kind of problems. Paying money for makeup that will make you look worse is unreasonable. If there are no testers in the store, then ask your friends for advice, or visit an online forum where ladies share their experience and knowledge. And remember that products such as concealer or foundation are tested on your neck or the back of your hand. They are supposed to blend with your natural skin tone.



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