7 Smart Tips for Wise Shopping

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Quit purchasing useless stuff!

1. You might have too many shoes yet not enough handbags
Shoes cannot last long, especially if they are comfortable and you tend to wear the same pair very often. You can always buy similar shoes for a lower price. It’s a different story with handbags, though. Bags do not wear out quickly. If you pay money for a good bag, be sure that you invest in something worthy. If you have to choose, opt for an expensive bag instead of expensive shoes.

2. Do not waste money on the wrong items
It is close to impossible to notice the difference between gloves from H&M and those sold in an elite boutique. Some will try to convince you that you should invest money in expensive stuff. Nowadays even less known brands manufacture things of quite high quality.

3. Pay closer attention to Zara
Zara is a wonderful place where you can find plenty of accessories and clothes that look as if they were made by a famous designer. Luxury brands admit that Zara offers great alternatives. Let Zara be your best friend. Have a few items from luxury brands if you want to, but always remember that you can save a lot of money if you buy most of what you need at Zara.

4. Learn to match items, their patterns, prints and colors
You are probably aware of the colors, prints and patterns you look best in. There are some certain things every person should have in the wardrobe. Monochromatic and neutrals are must-haves. Ask for professional advice and assistance if you feel you are uncertain about what style to give your preference to. Are you into classics, something retro or ultra-modern? Consulting someone whose opinion you trust will help you avoid buying clothes, accessories and shoes that do not help you look perfect. You can also carry out your own research, ask your friends for assistance, read fashion magazines and sites.

5. Pick silhouettes that flatter you even if they are not trendy, especially if they match other items from your wardrobe
If a pencil skirt is the best piece of clothing you look in, then keep on wearing it. It should not matter to you what the general trend is. If what you see in fashion magazines does not help you look better, do not purchase it. Of course it does not mean that you should not experiment with clothes. Simply do not let the fashion industry control you. Trust your own style, taste and intuition. After all, even experts make mistakes.

6. Go shopping to fewer stores
Make up your mind regarding the brands you appreciate. Actually, brands should not always be world famous and expensive. Those who look stylish know that it is not all about the quantity of shops. Rather it is about the quality of production they offer. Pick a couple of brands you like and go to their stores only. You can combine things from different brands. Just make sure they match by color, style and pattern.

7. Look at belts from a different angle. Is it a functional piece of clothing or jewelry?
Belts can be a great accessory that serves no real purpose. Treat them like jewelry. Wearing a belt is like wearing a necklace or a bracelet. They cost less than jewelry yet they are not less impressive and unique. Change them more often and you will never go unnoticed by others. Some belts may cost $100 or more, but, as a rule, a belt will cost you less than a good necklace anyways. Have a few belts of different colors and materials. See how well they match your scarves, gloves, shoes and handbags. Fortunately, finding the right belt is really easy – currently stores offer a great variety of this wonderful accessory.



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