4 ideas to turn your front door into a piece of art

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Revamp your front door and make your home even more extraordinary.

The front door of a home has become the focal point of an individual’s choice in decor and style. Visited by guests, the mail delivery guy and passersby, the front door can turn an ordinary home into an intriguing one.

If you’re looking to revamp your exteriors this season, starting with the front door is a great idea.

Here are some ideas to to customise the door according to your own taste and personality.

The Dutch Door

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For a more contemporary spin on a classic design, go for something that is timeless, smooth and striking. The Dutch Door is a great addition to the home as the layout is very functional. It allows you to swing the top or bottom door open, without having to open both.

This is a great investment for the arrival of Spring as it gives you the option to leave the top part open to allow the breeze to circulate through the house, as well as open the door for the delivery person without holding the kids or pets back from getting outside.

Glass Art Door

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Glass Art Door designs incorporate shapes, colours and artistry to the front of the house. There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to the design: these custom works of art are handcrafted by skilled glass artisans and can be carved, stained or etched to the homeowner’s liking.

The great thing about many of these designs is that you can see out, but passersby can’t see in.


French Door

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To tend to the dreamer in you, the French Door is a classic aesthetic inspired by Romantic country styled homes. Designed to let plenty of natural light in, the glass panes take up most of the length of the door – which can be customised with frosted glass to have a better level of privacy.

Adding charm and character to a space instantly, this front door design will leave a lasting first impression with guests.

Iron Door


If you’re looking to build a door that lasts a lifetime, the Iron Door is a great addition to the house. For a modern finish, wrought iron designs are sturdy and classic and accentuate the fine lines of geometry, which will simply never go out of style.

For a more rustic look, combine texture with colour.

The iron part of the door can either be structured around the frame or centred in the middle as a window to see outside.

Any way you choose to change the look of your front door, ensure that the design and functionality fits to your personality.

To turn your door into a piece of art, focus on three things: natural light, durability and style.



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