12 Girl Facts You Should Know To Make Them Super Happy in A Moment

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Here are the 12 Girl facts that can make them Super Happy in a Moment .


Food brings the ultimate happiness that nothing else in this world can! Everyone knows this! The right food at the right time can make girls happy within no time. It does wonders.

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Out of all the girl facts, this one is deemed to be there. Shopping is like a therapy for girls. Regular shopping keeps them alive, healthy and fresh. When she is in a bad mood, offer her to shop and see the spark.


3.Makeup and getting dressed

Make up and getting dressed keep depression away. Girls get so busy in making themselves look the prettiest that they forget all the bullshit around. It brings instant happiness

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‘Dance like no one is watching’, must have have heard the phrase? Dancing gives self pleasure. All it takes is just the right music.

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Who doesn’t like compliments? Be it about anything she owns, it makes her happy. In fact some amazing compliments make her super happy in seconds!

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By flirting I don’t mean the nasty ones but the general flirting. All it takes is the right person in front, isn’t applicable for all.

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