10 Hottest Super Bowl Photoshoots – Who’s Your Favorite?

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What could possibly be better than watching Super Bowl with some beer and spicy chicken wings? There’s one thing: watching the hot models at a Super Bowl themed photoshoot. In case you’re skeptical, we’ve highlighted some the 10 hottest Super Bowl themed photoshoots in history. And we even have a winner. Which one’s your favorite?

1. WWE Divas


WWE Divas were celebrating Super Bowl week with a football themed photoshoot in 2016. Charlotte was dressed as Caroline Panthers player Cam Newton and Lana was supporting the Denver Broncos in a Peyton Manning shirt. Alicia Fox was a referee and they all looked super hot!

2. The Great Kat


The girls from the Great Kat rock band also dressed up in as Quarterback Shredder, Cheerleader Goddess, Hot Shred Running Back and Fantasy Football Shred Goddess. Their special edition calendar is for sale.

3. Victoria’s Secret Models


Some of the most famous Angels from Victoria’s Secret have done an awesome job dressing up as football players for a photoshoot on Valentine’s Day 2016 in a Campaign called ‘Score More’.

4. Brec Bassinger


The actress loves football! He watched many games when she was in high school and now she’s a big fan of Super Bowl. She always played as many sports as she could in her life. She was especially excited about the 50th Super Bowl this year.

5. Cindy Crawford with Pepsi


Cindy Crawford also did a memorable campaign with Pepsi in 1992. Although it was some time ago, the photos still look pretty good today. The Pepsi photoshoot was created for the Pepsi campaign and included some of her best photos in her career.

6. Adriana Lima for Victoria’s Secret, 2008


No one has ever dropped a ball as sexy as Adriana Lima did for Victoria’s Secret in 2008. Victoria’s Secret has a photo shoot for the Super Bowl pretty often but this one might be the best so far.

7. Sara Underwood


Sara Underwood, 2007 Playmate was promoting an app – the app is almost like Tinder but with Fantasy Football players – for Super Bowl. They created a great video and also had a photoshoot for the promotion with Sara and some other playmates.

8. Miss Super Bowl Sunday


Each year, they celebrate the Super Bowl with some sexy photos in Canada. The event is called ‘Miss Super Bowl Sunday’ and Theresa Longo was the winner in 2014 and in2015 too.

9. Coors Lite


The models for the Coors Lite Ad in 2003 are also worth sharing here. Even if it was more than a decade ago, the photo shoot is still memorable.

10. Luci Ford


Our winner is Luci Ford – with her sexy photos you’ll be a Super Bowl fan even if you’ve never watched any football. The ball just looks good in her hands… She’s our No. 1 choice when it comes to the best Super Bowl photoshoots ever made. What’s your choice? Who do you think looks best with football?

We’ve highlighted some of the hottest Super Bowl themed photo shoots from the history. Some of them date back to the ’80s but they are so hot and sexy that we’ll probably never forget them.




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