Shy Getting Naked? How to Confidentially Take It All Off

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shy getting naked

If you’re shy getting naked and struggle to be confident stripping down in front of someone, these tips help the shy to feel great when stripping down.

I think everyone struggles with this reality from time to time. Sometimes, you’re just really shy getting naked in front of someone new. However, there are others where their shyness threatens to take over their sex life.

Why you’re shy

First address the problem of getting naked in front of someone. You have to understand why you’re shy in the first place. Is it a personality trait you were born with? Or did something happen that scarred you in such a way that you’re cursed with perpetual shyness?

According to Live Science, your brain may actually be chemically different than someone who is outgoing or just not shy. In short, they explain shyness as a personality trait and the way your brain functions in comparison to someone else’s.

But is that the only reason you’re shy?

No. You could be an extroverted, outgoing, and even a loud-mouthed person when talking to someone. Then the second you two are about to get naked, you freeze in complete shyness. If this sounds like you, it could have more to do with your self-esteem or past than your personality.

If you were ever in a situation where someone laughed or ridiculed your naked body, you’re more likely to be shy when getting naked in front of other people. If you feel bad about the way your body looks, it could also prevent you from being forthcoming when stripping down.

The shy’s guide for getting naked

Ready for some good news? There is a way for the shy getting naked to get past their struggles. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to being the most confident person while removing every last article of clothing in front of someone new.

#1 Realize there may be a bigger problem at hand. If you are increasingly shy while getting naked in front of someone every single time, even if it’s a longer term partner, it could be a bigger issue at hand. First, realize you could have more than just a case of the shy’s. You could have deeper problems that you might need to seek expert help to fix. [Read: 9 big signs you need sex therapy and how to fix it]

#2 Attempt to solve the problem before moving on. If you’ve discovered you might have even bigger problems than just getting naked in front of someone, you should try to correct those issues before you can really fix anything else.

If you have narrowed down your exact problem, that makes it much easier to solve. Focus on relieving yourself of that issue. Then if the problem with your shyness is still there, try some of these other tips.

#3 Get to know the person first. This is to say, one night stands may not be the best decision for you. Unless you want to lead them back to your place only to end up drunkenly cuddling the whole night. By really getting to know someone first, you’ll feel more comfortable around them as a whole.

This means you’ll be able to feel better about getting naked because they know you so well already that any part of your nakedness won’t really matter to them in the long run. [Read: 8 ways to love your body, no matter its size]

#4 Move slowly. Not only should you move slowly in progressing to anything that involves getting naked, but you should also move slowly in getting undressed when you do decide to get naked, too.



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