12 Times Katy Perry Showed Off More Than She Should Have

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It’s quite obvious that Katy Perry might have one the greatest pair of “knockers” we’ve seen in pop culture as of late. Can you imagine driving down a bumpy road purposely just to watch them jiggle? Or watching them bounce up and down on a treadmill in tight clothes? We can hear the deep sighs now, let’s just hope in the near future she’s on live television and has some sort of wardrobe malfunction (where her top accidentally slips off, of course). Here we have included 25 photos of Katy Perry’s “melons” absolutely pouring out of her top, as well as a couple of facts you may not have known about one of the hottest and well “rounded” pop stars in the world. You will not believe what she exposes on #25!

1. I Kissed A Girl

According to Perry herself, her hit single ‘I Kissed A Girl’ was inspired by Scarlett Johansson. Does that mean that the two… Hmm. No need to fact check, we’ll just let this one live as a fantasy.

Katy Perry has a cat that is probably living 50 times better than us. Her cat’s name is Kitty Perry and has its own blog. We can’t make this stuff up… look it up for yourself.

3. If Music Never Happened

Katy was asked during one of interviews, what would she be doing if her music career never took off. She answered that she would either be a stay-at-home mom or a stylist. Can you imagine Katy Perry being a hot stay-at-home mom? Definitely MILF material.

4. Her Name

Many artists don’t use their government names as a stage name and the only reason why Katy Perry decided to change hers was not to be confused with actress Kate Hudson. Perry’s real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. Perry is also her mother’s maiden name. A good business move if you ask us.

5. Preachy Parents

 Both of Katy’s parents are actually professional pastors. The ‘Roar’ singer grew up in the church and started her singing career at her parent’s church at the age of 9, until she was 17.

6. Speaking of Her Parents

Perry’s parents were extremely strict Pentecostal Christians, she wasn’t allowed to listen to certain music, and couldn’t even watch the Smurfs or read any of the Harry Potter novels. The irony of the entire situation is that Katy’s first movie role was as Smurfette in The Smurfs Movie. Also, we have a feeling they weren’t too pleased with her single ‘I Kissed a Girl.’ Yikes.

7. Car Accident Katy

When Katy was 13, she got into a horrible car accident that forced her to crawl out of a broken window to safety. Scary.

8. Katy Perry, Christian Pop Artist?

Katy Perry actually began her singing career as a Christian artist. She released her first Christian Pop album titled, EW, which didn’t too well. Let’s just say the record label it was released under went bankrupt.

9. The Album That Never Was

When Katy was 17, she left home and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in music. She was able to sign a major record deal with Island Def Jam Music Group. Perry completed an entire album for the label, but unfortunately it was never released. Somewhere out there, there is a secret Katy Perry album

10. Katy & Travis McCoy?

That’s right Katy Perry and Gym Class Heroes frontman, Travis McCoy, dated on and off for several years until officially calling it quits in 2009. Travis even made a cameo in Perry’s ‘I Kissed a Girl’ video. Interesting couple if you ask us.

11. Katy Perry and Michael Jackson



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