This Guy Claims He Got ‘Superpowers’ After He Gave Up Masturbation For 700 Days

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Guy Got Superpowers By Giving Up Masturbation For 700 Days

In today’s bizarre news, a Reddit user called Brohit is urging men around the world to stop jerking off because ‘why wank when you can be a superhero’. Did you say WTF? Exactly our reaction.

It’s been two and half years since this guy has masturbated and he claims it’s changed his life. And not in a ‘I feel so much better’ kinda way. He claims his 700-day long sexual abstinence has gained him superpowers!

Guy Got Superpowers By Giving Up Masturbation For 700 Days

A lot of what he said will leave you scratching your head but give it a read because the whole internet is talking about it anyway!

I started NoFap almost 2.5 years ago. After constantly relapsing for 4 months, I gathered the will to go full cold turkey. I can’t tell you what exactly I did it and why it worked. That’s up to you to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. And also there are way too many wonderful posts here that give some great tips and tricks on how to deal with urges. My post won’t come anywhere close to that. Instead I’m going to talk about what exactly I learned about human personality and will power over the course of last year.

We are all born with an empty void inside of ourselves. All our life we try to fill this void with something or the other. It can be anything – religion, spirituality, women, academics, work, porn, tinder, sex, mobile phone, TV, movies, and so on. How we fill this void makes us who we are. But this makes me wonder how can all these man-made, artificial things compose our personalities?

Once I quit fapping, my mind did feel a lot clear and I was at peace more often. Yes I was able to feel all those things you call ‘superpowers’ too – sudden increase in confidence, laser sharp focus, more attention from women, easier to find sex, energy boosts, etc. However, I don’t like to refer to them as ‘superpowers’ – how do we know these superpowers aren’t just normal human tendencies?

Maybe the constant glorification of sex and fine-ass honeys that we are exposed to daily has fogged our general perspective – now we can only think about sex and what it would be like to sleep with women that have ‘perfect’ bodies. But once we start controlling our sex urges, our mind realizes that there’s more to life and this world than just sex and hot women. If we can learn proper self-control, we can master anything.

But I’m a hypocrite. I don’t practice what I preach. Ever since I started NoFap, I’ve realized that I have way too many other addictions and obsessions. These addictions aren’t anything severe or serious. But the more I try to avoid them, the more my confidence is shaken apart. I check my phone every few minutes to see if that cute girl I texted has replied to my texts/ snaps. I go on tinder so frequently to see if I can find my one true soulmate (or maybe just get laid soon). Having meaningless sex with a new girl every time. How’s any of this different from masturbating? And if none of these things go according to how I want them to, my self-esteem and general level of happiness takes a serious blow.

You guys might say that these are healthy addictions. But I don’t want to agree to that. They’re all meaningless attachments. I want to get rid of them because they bring nothing but misery to me in the long-run. They are nothing but mere blockages in my way to find my source of inherent confidence and true purpose. Recently I’ve started pulling these out of my life one-by-one. I feel much more at peace. But I know that it takes one shitty day to get back to where I was before. At least now I can take comfort in the fact that if I can control my urge to jerk off then I have developed a strong enough will power to beat an addiction that people blindly don’t even consider an addiction.



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