2017 McLaren 570GT Review

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2017 McLaren 570GT Review

This might be billed as the most refined and luxurious model in the McLaren range, but make no mistake – the McLaren 570GT is still a ferociously fast car capable of mind-blowing performance.

The 570GT is part of McLaren’s ‘Sports Series’, which also boasts a couple of equally spectacular exotics; the 540C and 570S, with all three powered by slightly different versions of the same Ricardo-built 3.8-litre twin-turbo petrol V8.

In the GT’s case, the numbers are truly impressive despite its relatively modest engine displacement. But that’s the same with all McLaren road cars – the sheer grunt their engineers are able to extract from a small V8 is just extraordinary.

Unleash all 419kW and 600Nm of twist, and the 570 GT is capable of smashing the benchmark 0-100km/h dash in a blistering 3.4 seconds. Push on, and the 200km/h mark comes up in a g-force-assaulting 9.8 seconds flat. To me, this is still a big-league supercar, no question.

Those power and torque figures for the GT are identical to the marginally quicker 570S (3.2 sec); the main difference attributed to the 37kg weight penalty carried by the new luxury version. That said, there isn’t another fully-fledged supercar-grade grand tourer within coo-ee of the McLaren, when you consider its $406,800 (plus on-roads) price tag.

2017 McLaren 570GT Review

McLaren claims it’ll run the quarter-mile in 11.1 seconds with a closing speed of 213km/h, while top speed is quoted at a warp-like 328km/h. Behind the wheel though, the 570 GT feels even quicker, with the same kind of organ-smashing thrust on tap as a full-blown 911 Turbo.

The GT label is there for its greater carrying capacity and moderate levels of practicality, but don’t get too excited; for anything other than a weekend fling or a visit to the gym, you’re still going to be looking to a Rangie.

At least McLaren has made something of an attempt here by equipping the 570 GT with an E-Type Jag-style rear window, which opens up to 220 litres of space in the form of a shallow bench. It’s sort of like a split-level backyard (not overly practical), though there’s another 150 litres under the bonnet – remember, this is a mid-engine sports car.

Up front, there’s enough room for keys, wallet and a single cup holder, but that’s about the extent of it. It’s not a lot, but at least you’ve got the basics covered.

Space aside, the 570GT feels properly special inside in the same way that a Ferrari feels special when you first climb aboard. The entire cockpit is wrapped in lavish, twin-stitched hide, and there are plenty of authentic carbon-fibre and metal accents that all point to a crafted look and feel.

2017 McLaren 570GT Review

The instrument stalks are also exquisitely crafted, as are the optional Bowers & Wilkins speaker grates – fashioned to expose the yellow speaker cones inside.

It feels roomier than your average supercar too, thanks to the 570’s panoramic glass roof. It’s tinted with the same sound and solar film as the roof on the McLaren P1, but I wouldn’t leave it parked out in the open on a summer scorcher as there’s no escaping the heat, regardless.

That said, McLaren has equipped the 570GT with an enhanced dual-zone climate control system that regulates and maintains the set cabin temperature using a two-stage auto function with ‘Auto’ and ‘Auto-Lo’ – the latter also minimising fan noise within the cabin.

Other creature comforts include a pair of eight-way electrically adjustable sports seats, which not only look the part, but are wonderfully comfortable, despite the multi-layered cushion design and aggressive bolster. Hours of highway cruising in the 570GT seem effortless.



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