15 Funny Difference between Freelance and Office workers

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Office workers and freelance (freelancers) are two quite different things. In general, office workers have less busy than freelance who had plenty of time to spare. In addition to differences in the time you have, there are still other things that made the Difference between Freelance and Office workers.

These charming 15 illustrations depicting the Difference between Freelance and Office workers. Here are the pictures:

15 Funny Difference between Freelance and Office workers

1. Rise and Shine



  • Office workers: Oh no, I overslept.
  • Freelance: I must beonline at 9 am.

2. Get ready

  • Office workers: Neat. 10 Secrets Google Search Tricks You Don’t Know
  • Freelance: As usual.

3. Road to Office

  • Office workers: Difficult.
  • Freelance: Simple.

4. Workplace


  • Office workers: Office.
  • Freelance: Everywhere.

5. Interview

  • Office workers: Neat.
  • Freelance: Neat in section views only.

6. Meeting

  • Office workers: Offline.
  • Freelance: Online.

7. Party


  • Office workers: Crowded. जवान बने रहने के लिए इस जानवर के खून से नहाती है यह मॉडल
  • Freelance: Alone.

8. Lunch

  • Office workers: Timely.
  • Freelance: Anytime.

9. If Bad Weather

  • Office workers: a big problem.
  • Freelance: Not a big deal.

10. Work Hours


  • Office workers: Regular.
  • Freelance: Free.

11. Vacation

  • Office workers: Watching.
  • Freelance: Still working.

12. Skill

  • Office workers: Many demands. ये हैं दुनिया की 10 सबसे तेज रफ्तार वाली कारें
  • Freelance: Only required.

13. Misunderstanding


  • Office workers: Scold people.
  • Freelance: Grumpy own.

14. Pain

  • Office workers: Rest.
  • Freelance: Still work (deadline).

15. When Wants to Move Jobs


  • Office workers: Finding a job.
  • Freelance: Finding your own career path.



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