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Without this insight into the nature of men, it’s very easy for a woman unknowingly and unintentionally to hurt and offend the man she loves most.

For example, Tho and Marry were going to a party. Tom was driving. After about twenty minutes and going around the same block a few times, it was clear to Mary that tom was lost. She finally suggested that he call for help. Tom become very silent. They eventually arrived at the party, but the tension from that moment persisted the whole evening. Mary had no idea of why he was so upset.

From her side she was saying “Ilove and care about you, so I am offering you this help.”

From his side, he was offended. What he heard was “I don’t trust you to get us there. You are incompetent.

Without knowing about  thinking of  Men, Mary could not appreciate how important it was for Tom to accomplish his goal without help. Offering advice was the ultimate insult. As we have explored, Men never offer advice unless asked. A way of honoring another Man is always to assume he can solve his problem unless he is asking for help.

Mary had no idea that when tom became lost and started circling the same block, is was a very special opportunity to love and support him. At that time he was particularly vulnerable and needed some extra love. To honor him by not offering advice would have been a gift equivalent to his buying her a beautiful of flowers or writing her a love note.

After learing about Mens and Womens, Mary learned how to support Tom at such diffecult times. The next time he was lost, instead of offering “help” she restrained herself  from offering any advice, took a deep relaxing breath, and appreciated in her heart what Tom was trying to do for her. Tom greatly appreciated her warm acceptance and trust.

Generally speaking, when a woman offers unsolicited advice or tries to “help” a man, she has no idea of how critical and unloving, her suggestions do offend and hurt. His reaction may be strong, especially if he felt criticized as a child or he experienced his father being criticized by his mother.

For many men, it is very important to prove that can get to their goal, even if it is a small thing like driving to a restaurant or party. Ironically he may be more sensitive about the little things than the big. His feelings are like this: “If I can’t be trusted to do a small think like get us to a party, how can she trust me to do the bigger things?” Like their Men ancestors, men pride themselves on being experts, especially when it fixing mechanical things, getting places, or solving problems. These are the times when he needs her loving acceptance the most and not her advice or criticism.



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