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The strange and beautiful women were a mysterious attraction to the men. Their differences especially attracted the men. Where the men were hard, the women were soft. Where the men were angular, the women were round. Where the men were cool, the women were warm. In a magical and perfect way their differences seemed o complement each other.

In an unspoken language the women communicated loud and clear: “We need you. Your power and strength can bring us great fulfillment, filling a void deep within our being. Together we could live in great happiness. “This invitation motivated and empowered the men.

Many women instinctively understand how to give this message. In the beginning of a relationship, a woman gives a man a brief look that says you could be the one to make me happy. In this subtle way she actually initiates their relationship. This look encourages him to come closer. It empower him to overcome his fears of having a relationship. Unfortunately, once they are in a relationship and as the problems begin to emerge, she doesn’t know how important that message still is to him and neglect to send it.

The men were very motivated by the possibility of making a difference on women. the men race was moving to a new level of evolution. They were no longer satisfied by just proving themselves and developing their power. They wanted to use their power and skill in the service of other, especially in the service of the women. They were beginning to devlop a new philosophy, a win/win philosophy. They wanted a world where everyone cared for themselves as well as for others.



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