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To deal whit their depression the women were busy sharing their feelings and talking about their problems. As they talked they discovered the cause of their depression. They were tired of giving so much all the time. they resented always feelings responsible for one another. They wanted to relax and just be taken care of for a while. They were tired of sharing everything with others. they wanted to be special and posses things that were their own. No longer were they satisfied being martyrs and living for others.

Women, they lived by lose/win philosophy- “I lose so that you can win.” As long as everyone made sacrifices for others, then everyone was taken care of. But after doing this for centuries the women were tired of always caring about one another and sharing everything. They also were ready for win/win philosophy.

Similarity, many women today are also tired of giving. They want time off. Time to explore being themselves. Time to explore being themselves. Time to care about themselves first.

They want someone to provide emotional support, someone they don’t have to take care of. The men fit the bill perfectly.

At this point the men were learning to give while the women were  now ready to learn how to receive. After centuries the women and men had reached an important stage in their evolution. The women needed to learn how to receive while the men needed to learn how to give.

This same change commonly takes place in men and women as they mature. In her younger years, a woman is much more willing to scarifies and mold herself-absorbed and unaware of the needs of others. As a woman mature she realize how she may have been giving up herself in order to please her partner. As a man mature he realize how he can better serve and respect others.

As a man matures he also learns that he may be giving up himself, but his major change is becoming more aware  of how he can succeed in giving. Likewise, as a woman matures she also learn new strategies for giving, but her major change tends to be learning to set limits in order to receive what she wants.



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