Does He Miss Me? 12 Clear Signs He Still Thinks About You Often

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does me miss me

Do you ever wonder if your ex boyfriend still thinks about you? The answer to the nagging question “Does he miss me?” gets easier with these signs.

How many men do you know who stubbornly put aside their feelings and attraction to the woman they love without at least giving it a shot? If you are wondering “does he miss me?” the signs are all there. You just have to read them.

He may have to keep his pride intact and not come running back, but there are other behaviors he exhibits worth more than any beg-back session.

Does he miss me? 12 ways a guy says he misses you without saying a word

If you want to know if he misses you, look at what he does, where he went since you left, and whether he moved on or stayed stuck. If he is in the same position, doing the same things, or even doing stupid shit uncharacteristic of him, those things all say, “God, I wish I had her back.”

#1 He hasn’t found anyone else. Y’all have been broken up for almost six months, and although you hear of him dating some girls, he still has not found anyone to share his bed at night. A guy occupies his lonely space, but if he hasn’t found anyone to catch his eye for very long, then you may just be taking up that space in his mind. [Read: 16 signs your ex wants you back in their life]

#2 He is sleeping with everything around. This is something you may not want to hear, but guys who miss the woman they can’t have often exhibit careless behaviors. Like sleeping with anyone and everyone to get the girl they love off their mind.

The problem is that no one is you, but they continue. If he wasn’t a player before you, and suddenly turned into John Mayer, there is something behind his drive to screw everyone in town.

#3 He pops up in unexpected places. If you notice him popping up in unexpected places, like your work or at the gym, there is a good reason to believe he hopes to get a look at you and make sure you are still around.

His way of maintaining his distance and not giving in, but don’t underestimate those small “bump into meetings.” You likely never saw him there without coming to see you before, now is no different.

#4 He hasn’t changed his Facebook status. When a guy is ready to move on, he makes it known to everyone around him. If he did it right up front, that might have been a brash decision, and he likely won’t change it back.

But, if after a couple of months, he still flies solo and hasn’t changed it, then that may be a sign he is waiting for you to return. [Read: How to be friends with an ex without any complications]

#5 He pumps your friends for information. If he still sees your friends and can’t help but ask about you, that probably isn’t simply concern for an old friend. Continually pumping for an update about who you are seeing, if you are okay, or how things are going with you, means he is probably trying to weigh his odds of making his way back into your life. If he didn’t miss you, why would he continue to ask?

#6 After repeatedly asking, he hasn’t returned your things. When a relationship is done you signal the end by divvying things up. If you repeatedly asked for some of your things back, and he refuses to oblige, he is trying to hold onto a piece of you.



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