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Women misinterpret a man’s silence. Depending on how  she feeling that day she may begin to imagine the very worst – “He hates me, he doesn’t love me, he is leaving me forever.” This may then trigger her deepest fear, which is “I am afraid if he rejects me then I will never be loved. I don’t deserve to be loved.”

         When a man is silent it is easy for a woman to imagine the worst because the only times a woman would be silents are when what she had to say would be hurtful or when she didn’t want to talk to a person because she didn’t trust him anymore  and wanted to have nothing to do with him. No wonder become insecure when a man suddenly becomes quite!

        When a woman listen to another woman, she will continue to reassure the speaker that she is listening and that she cares. Instinctively when the speaker  pause the female listener  will reassure the speaker by making reassuring like “Oh, uh-huh, hmm, ah, ah-ha, or humph.”

      Without these reassuring response, a man’s silence can be very threatening. Through understanding a man’s cave, women can learn to inrepret a man’s silence correctly, and to respond to it.



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