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Women have a lot to learn about men before their relationship can be really fulfilling. They need to learn that when a man is upset or stressed he will automatically stop talking and go to his “cave” to work things out. They need to learn that no one is allowed in that cave, not even the men’s best friends. Women should not become scared that they have done something terribly wrong. They end gradually to learn that if you just let men go into their caves, after a while they will come out and everything will be fine.
This lession is difficult for women because on venus one of the golden rules was never to abandon a friend when she was upset. It just doesn’t seem loving to abandon  her favorite Man when he is upset. Because she cares for him, a woman wants to come into his cave and offer him help.

In addition, she often mistakenly assumes that if she could ask him lots off question about how he is feeling and be a good listener, then he would feel better. This only upsets men more. She instinctively wants to support him in the way that she would want to be supported. Her intentions are good, but the outcome is counterproductive.

Both men and women need to stop offering the method of caring they would prefer and start to learn the diffirent ways partners think, feel, and react.



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