24 Romantic Things to Do for Your Sweet Boyfriend

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It’s hard to pull off cute deeds for a boyfriend who does the same, but we have some ideas to get you started on being the sweetest gal for your guy.

Doing sweet things for your partner is a given, but it’s hard to decide what you should do, when every other idea seems to have already been done.

But that’s the thing: you don’t need to be original to make your guy feel special. You just have to follow through and make sure he gets exactly what he deserves: a heap of love and affection from you for being the sweetest boyfriend ever. So, how can you do that?

The basics

These are the mandatory acts of affection that you need to get used to when in a relationship. Without these, you won’t get very far with any of your relationships—family and friends included.

#1 Appreciate their effort. Every little thing counts. You don’t have to cheer for each and every accomplishment, but acknowledging them and showing how much you appreciate everything they do is good enough.

#2 Compliment them. The purpose of this is not to simulate affection, but rather to give you a clearer picture of how you should see your partner. Focus on their good traits and understand why the bad traits exist. Once you do, you’ll know how to give them a compliment worthy of your love.

#3 Listen to them. This is pretty much essential in every relationship, romantic or not. You have to listen in order to understand the person that you’re with. And that’s not limited to conversations. Listen to what they aren’t saying as well, through body language, facial expressions, and intentional silence.

#4 Be honest with them. Aside from listening, you also have to communicate honestly and clearly. Lying about important things can only get you so far; the day will come when someone calls you out on your deceit. So, it’s best to lay everything out and see if your partner is the kind of person who will overlook your flaws because they’d rather love you as you are—or the kind of person who prefers lies to the sometimes-harsh reality.

Sweet and cute things you can do for your boyfriend that’ll make him love you more

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: here is your cheat sheet to being the sweetest partner your boyfriend has ever had.

#1 Buy him something he needs. Special gifts are all well and good, but it’s okay to buy something practical, too. Your boyfriend will appreciate this much more than something decorative or consumable because it shows you care about the little things.

#2 Treat him to a fancy dinner. It may seem generic, but guys rarely get the royal treatment because they’re usually expected to be the ones doling out the cash. Make your man feel like a prince–but don’t spoil him too much, okay?

#3 Take him out to test-drive a sports car. There are places where you can let your man drive the car of his dreams, such as car dealerships and race tracks. There are tracks that cater to the public for this very reason. Exciting activities like these can be really sweet, especially for your boyfriend.

#4 Visit him at work bearing treats. You can opt to bring some for his co-workers as well, but make sure he gets the best ones from the basket. It’s a nice change from his mundane workday and a pleasant surprise.

#5 Go shopping with him. It’s your turn to sit on an uncomfortable bench with three other people carrying shopping bags. Take your man out to shop at places he likes, like male clothing boutiques, outdoor merchandise stores, and hobby shops.



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