Top 10 Animals With Incredible Superpowers

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We all wish to have superpower of any kind. Although humans can be considered super-intelligent on earth, but most of us would love to have super-strength like Superman, superhealing like deadpool or superspeed like flash.

Did you know that most of the characters in superhero comics took inspiration from the animals that are already roaming the lands, oceans and sky of this planet? Keep reading the list to know about 10 animals with incredible superpowers.

10. Froghopper – (Super-jump)

Froghopper - (Super-jump)

Adult froghopper jump from plant to plant; some species are capable of jumping up to 70 cm vertically: which is a more impressive performance relative to body weight than another super jumpers “Fleas”, and froghopper are considerably heavier than them.

The froghopper can accelerate at 4,000 m/s square over 2mm as it jumps (experiencing over 400 gs of acceleration). They can jump up to 100 times their own length. That means, if an average man could jump this long he would be able to cover about 177 meters distance in a single jump.

9. Peregrine Falcon – (Superspeed)

Peregrine Falcon - (Superspeed)
Peregrine falcon are some of the most widespread birds in the world. They have a body length of 34-58 cm and wingspan from 74 to 120 cm. Their diet consists of small to medium sized birds. They’re are very well respected falconry birds due to their strong hunting ability and high trainability. The most amazing thing about this breed of birds is its dazzling speed, it has frequently been seen flying at the speed of whopping 320 km/h (200 mph), the highest recorded speed of Peregrine falcon is 389km/h (242 mph).

8. Mimic Octopus – (Shapeshifting)

The Shape-Shifting Mimic Octopus
As the name suggests this breed of octopus can mimic different animal species by changing skin color and adjusting the shape of its body. Although mimicry is quite common survival strategy in nature, there are several flies that have black-yellow stripes as bees, some animal species can change their skin color (chameleon) and sometimes alter their body shapes to make them look something else or bigger than their actual version (pufferfish).

But this animal is something else, it can mimic number of different sea creatures with the tiniest possible detail. It’s not known how many different animal species it can imitate, but it’s reported to mimic up to 15 different species, and all of them are poisonous. That further explain that its mimicking ability is just a way to avoid vicious predators. Some of the animals that it has been seen mimicking are lion fish, sea snake, flatfish, jellyfish, crab and gulper Eal

7. The Electric Eal – (Electric Shocks)

The Electric Eal - (Electric Shocks)
Despite its given name they’re more closely related to knifefish, which is itself related to catfish. Electric eel have three pairs of abdominal organs responsible for producing electricity, and these glands make up 80 percent of its entire body. The result is its ability to generate two types of electric organ discharge: high voltage and low voltage.

When eel finds a prey, its brain sends a signal through nervous system to electrolyte. This opens the ion channels, allowing sodium to flow through, reversing the polarity momentarily. By causing a sudden difference in electric potential, it works in pretty much in similar manner to a battery. It can generate shock up to 860 volts that can last for mere two milliseconds. But you don’t have to be scared of them, to kill something as big as human, it needs to generate electric shock of much higher voltage that should last for at least 30 milliseconds.

6. Dung Beetle – (Super-Strength)

World's Strongest Insect
Dung Beatles are quite interesting animals, they navigate by polarization pattern of moonlight, currently they are only known animals (except humans) that can navigate themselves using cluster of bright stars or Milky Way. In other words, they navigate themselves with help of galaxy.

But they landed on this list for their ability to pull the weight 1,141 times heavier than their own body weight, that makes them strongest animal on the planet earth. For instance, if an average man wants to challenge them in weight pulling competition, he would be required to pull 45 large trucks that weighs around 2.4 tons each (isn’t that astonishingly impressive?).



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