The iPhone 8 Might Have Dual-SIM Capabilities And This Patent by Apple Confirms It

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Apple iPhone 8 to Have Dual Sim

Apple is thinking of including dual-sim capabilities on the iPhone, which is due to release later in 2017. Apple is currently working hard to deliver a brand the iPhone as it marks their 10th anniversary since Steve Jobs launched the original iPhone.

Apple is seriously considering revolutionising the iPhone and the idea to include a Dual-Sim tray seems to be one of them. This was later confirmed as the company filed patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). They have also filed for similar patents in China, which reaffirms their commitment.

The patent was filed by Li Su, who happens to be the head-of-chief architect for cellular software at Apple. He is named as the inventor in the patent and the dual-SIM feature will allow the iPhone to store two SIM cards that can work simultaneously.

Apple iPhone 8 to Have Dual Sim

The reason why Apple is looking to adding new features is because Apple has noticed the sudden drop in iPhone sales and in order to boost profits they need something exciting for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. India is one of the fastest and biggest growing smartphone markets in the word and Apple only has 2 percent of the market share. India is one of those countries which enjoy Dual-SIM capabilities on a phone, and Apple seems to be taking that option very seriously.

Apple iPhone 8 to Have Dual Sim

iPhones, in general, are considered to be one the most expensive handsets in India due to the fact we explained here ( . Apple is considering setting up local manufacturing plants in India and is currently negotiating with the Indian Government for a tax exemption. This exemption will drive the price down of the iPhone and in turn trickle down benefits to consumers.

Apple is now looking to keep up with competitors like Samsung, Lenovo, Xiaomi amongst others who have already set up local manufacturing plants in India. Due to the lack of local support and high tariffs, an iPhone can cost anywhere from INR 12,000 to INR 15,000 more than its original retail price.

If Apple manages to slip in a Dual-Sim tray in the next iPhone, there is not a shadow of a doubt that iPhone sales will skyrocket in India and in the global market.



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