Overly Attached Boyfriend? 15 Subtle Ways to Get Your Space Back

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Overly Attached Boyfriend

Some boyfriends think being all over you is something you love! But if they’re wrong, this is how you can deal with an overly attached boyfriend.

I think we’ve all dated someone who texts you 24/7, shows up “randomly” where you are, and seems to be breathing down your neck at every turn. Some girls think this is super cute—at first—but then come to realize the irritation that shortly follows. Here is how to deal with your overly attached boyfriend.

Some guys think this is what girls like. Some even think they’re earning bonus points by always being RIGHT there, but the truth is that it’s not a desirable trait in a guy at all. We’d prefer that you didn’t do this.

Why are some boyfriends SO attached?

This answer could go on for days and days. Realistically, there are TONS of different reasons a boyfriend could be so attached to you. Each guy is different and all of them have been raised to think girls like a certain type of behavior even if it’s wrong.

The most common reasons boyfriends get so attached comes down to their own insecurity, protectiveness, infatuation, and the simple fact they think we WANT them to be all over us all the time. Some could even be scared you’re going to get sick of them, so in their twisted minds they spend MORE time around you. [Read: 5 reasons why loving someone too much kills the love]

How to deal with an overly attached boyfriend

Of course, we want our significant others to be attached to us. We want them to want to spend time with us and tell us about their day. However, there is a point when it gets out of hand and becomes annoying.

If you really care about your boyfriend but feel like he’s suffocating you, there is something to save your relationship. This is how to deal with an overly attached boyfriend without ruining your relationship at all.

#1 Figure out why he’s being that way. Decide why he’s overly attached. Is he insecure? Does he have jealousy or trust issues? Finding out the why helps you stop to it. [Read: Jealous boyfriend? How to make him not-so-jealous]

#2 Openly talk to him about it. Just bring it up during dinner. Ask him why he’s been so talkative and wanting to know where you are lately. See how he responds. He may not even know that he’s being an overly attached boyfriend.

#3 Suggest he go out with the guys. If you’re going on a night with the girls, tell him to take a night to hang with the boys! Openly tell him that you want him to go and have fun with his friends. He may get the hint that you don’t want him annoying you while you’re going out.

#4 Tell him you can’t be by your phone all the time. If he’s the type to text and text and call until you’re constantly talking to him, just tell him you can’t be on your phone so much and that’s why you’re not responding. [Read: 10 tips for setting boundaries with difficult people]

#5 Tell him that YOU’LL text him later. Don’t let him tell you he’ll text you. Just explain to him you’ll be busy but will text him when you’ve got some time. This avoids having him text you whenever he wants and reserves it for a time when you want to text him.

#6 Dedicate date nights to only him. He may be feeling that he’s not getting enough attention from you and wants a little bit more. By dedicating every Wednesday or Friday night for just him satisfies his attention needs from you for the week, and you’ll get less of him during the other days.



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