10 Super Fun Drinking Card Games to Get the Party Started

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drinking card games

Drinking is fun, but you can make it hilarious too! You can play these drinking card games at home or on a night out – so what are you waiting for?!

Drinking card games can be lots of fun – they are great at house parties, in a bar, or just at home with a few of your friends. Drinking card games can also be a good way to socialize, as an ice-breaker, or for people just to get to know one another better.

The best drinking card games

So, what are the best drinking card games to play to get you in the party mood? Here are 10 fantastic games that are sure to get everyone laughing and joking before you know it.

#1 Give and Take. This game is kind of like the classic truth or dare, but instead of taking turns, you let the cards decide who has to answer. When it’s their turn, players have to either take a truth or a dare – but if they really don’t want to, they can take a sip of their drink instead!

#2 Higher or Lower. In this game, players take turns to guess whether the card they turn over will be higher or lower than the one that is already in front of them. If they get it right they are safe, if they get it wrong, they have to drink.

You can choose to make it so that it stays their turn until they get it right, or include things like wild cards, such as if they turn over an Ace they have to take two gulps instead of one… or do a shot. [Read: Fun and flirty games for your naughty house party]

#3 Circle of Death. In this lively drinking card game, the cards are all laid out face down in a ring. Players take turns to draw a card from the ring, and then have to act depending on what the card is. Each number will have a different action associated with it, such as “do a dare,” or “down your drink,” etc.

#4 Indian Poker. This is a great game if you are looking for a drinking card game that is simple and fun. It’s a good one to play if you have already had a few drinks!

To play Indian Poker, the dealer deals a card to each player, but it remains face down on the table. The players pick them up, being careful not to look at their own card and stick them on their foreheads. This way, all players can see their opponents’ cards, but they can’t see what they have themselves.

Each player can decide whether to bet or fold. If they fold, they take a sip of their drink, if they bet, they keep playing… and anyone who is left reveals their card. The highest card wins, and that player doesn’t have to drink. The lowest card player has to drink double. [Read: Girls’ night ideas – 13 fun things to do on a night with friends]

#5 Bullsh*t. This fun and fast-paced game is a great one if you want to interact and have a giggle with your other team players. In this game, all the cards are dealt out equally. The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards.

Players then take turns placing some of their cards face down in the middle of the table. They can only put cards of the same value down, and they have to put more than one card down at a time. They have to tell the other players what they are putting down i.e. “two two’s” or “three fives” – the catch is they don’t always have to be telling the truth!



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