Solitude is not loneliness

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I want to talk about solitude in this article and I think this is a very strong message for all of us to learn. Generally we people think that being alone is bad. It is like a little curse, but is it really like this. I mean first of all by being alone here does not always mean being alone for whole life, not having Any friends and family. By being alone I mean staying alone for a while, for a period of time or for a little phase of your life. I think if you look at it a little more sensibly you can understand that it is actually a good thing.

I have learned in my life that if you can stay alone, you can make yourself stronger happier and better person. First good thing in being alone is that you will learn to take care of yourself, hence you will learn not to depend on anybody. You will learn how to manage things by yourself and you will become more independent, thereby you will be a stronger person who knows how to manage stuff by himself, how to take better care of himself and how not to depend on others.

Second good thing is, you will be a happier person because you will learn that your happiness does not depend on others it depends on you. If you will learn to enjoy your own company, you will not need anybody else to keep you happy. You will not be missing anybody, and feeling bad about it. You will become your own best company you will become your own best friend and you can never go away from yourself. you can stay with you all the time and hence you can enjoy yourself better and can take better care of yourself.

And there is also nobody to disturb you hence you can utilise that time to learn and thereby to grow yourself. You can watch some informational or motivational video on YouTube, read some good articles on internet or the best thing you can do is read a book, a good book that will not only enhance your knowledge but will also motivate you to do better things in life and live a better life. Those who read books always have an edge over those who do not. And believe me if you have nobody to disturb, you can concentrate better on learning and consequently more on improving. So if you learn to utilise the time you are alone you can make yourself progress.

Third best and most important thing that you will learn is to make yourself or encourage yourself during the period of failures and depressions. You will not have to wait or look for somebody else for reassuring you during your setbacks. You are your best friend you are your best company you trust yourself more than anybody else and therefore You will be your own self-motivator, you will reassure and motivate yourself. you will help yourself stand back without anybody’s help whenever you fall. You will also learn to control your own anger by yourself. You will just talk to yourself, explain everything to yourself and you will be ok again without requiring any sympathy from anyone.

In fact I would suggest, you all should make it a habit. Every day take out 15 20 minutes to sit alone with yourself only and talk to yourself. You can use this time to gauge yourself, you can talk to yourself to find out what are the things missing in your life and in your personality. What you can do to gain them? Where you are lacking? How you can work on them? What are the mistakes you are making? What you can do to rectify those mistakes? What are the things you need to do and what are the things you need to stop doing immediately? How you can improve yourself? You can talk about all these things and so many others to yourself. This activity will help you improve and thereby grow.



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