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How to Have the Best Sex Ever Every Single Time 15 Tips.

If your sex life has been lacking, then you need some serious help. Here’s how you can change it around and have the best sex ever. Sex is supposed to be amazing. It’s supposed to feel great and please you in every way. You should roll…

25 Photos That Show Why Every Child Should Have a Pet

There are many household pets out there which truly understand the meaning of devotion and love. They often display an understanding of their responsibilities and a level of trust and compassion that you don’t always find in people. For…

New Yorkers Have a Duty: Be Rude to the Trumps

Last week, Donald Trump was elected president by the United States. But he wasn't elected by New Yorkers. In his hometown, Trump has for years been regarded as a clown—a tabloid regular, a Howard Stern sideshow, a reality TV star without…
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