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What Is Sarahah, and Why It is viral..?

What is Sarahah app? Sarahah is an Arabic term which means honesty. This is an anonymous messaging app that lets people send messages to any random person if that person has the app installed. To find that person either you will have the…

13 illustrative Is Not Always as It Appears your love

Love is not all wine and roses. It is not always as sweet as it looks in the movies. Instead, it can be uncomfortable, lonely, or even blind. We at Bright Side believe that it is better to be honest and accept the reality of our feelings.…

The Meaning Of The OM Symbol – How To Use It?

Om – the matrix for all sounds. It is said that when this sound is diversified, it forms all the words used in language. If you have enrolled yourself in a yoga class, it is most likely that you will start and end your regimen by chanting…
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