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The New Latest LG G6 review 2017

Cutting corners - it's the story of the LG G6's life. And we mean this both literally and figuratively. Literally because its display doesn't have right angles, it's soft arcs instead. And figuratively because the G6 doesn't come with the…

The Latest 2017 Audi A3 CoD review

Do you really need a diesel to save fuel in this day and age? Audi thinks not, with the A3 Cylinder on Demand sedan. Paul Maric jumps behind the wheel to find out whether fuel use comes at the cost of driveability. Pros and Cons…

10 times Tom Cruise teaches us How to dress-up

Everyone knows that Tom Cruise is the most handsome man of world (according to some surveys), No one can be untouched without being attracted by his charming personality. He is very stylish with has amazing dressing sense that's why…
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