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African violets: love at first sight

Love at first sight. In the world I come from, it’s not something I ever thought existed. But it happened to me. I was down in Cape Town for my birthday earlier this year and I visited a fancy restaurant in Camps Bay, full of life, and…

top 10 Best Valentine’s day Gift Ideas for her

If you have a special someone (or you’re a secret admirer), Valentine’s Day means a chance to prove your love. But don’t get stressed because you have to impress, just show your cutie that you care with a gift that will send Cupid’s arrow…

Jennifer Lawrence Hot Love Scene Ever

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence is an American actress. As of 2016, Lawrence is the highest-paid actress in the world, and her films have grossed over $5 billion worldwide.

10 Hot Celebs Who Love Wearing Short Shorts So Much

There's nothing better than wearing a pair of short shorts when the weather gets hot. They're way more practical than a mini-skirt and celebs have caught on to that. In fact there's a bunch of celebs who love wearing short shorts so…
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