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How to make the perfect espresso martini

One of the few ersatz martinis to be worthy of the name, the espresso variety is perfection in a glass; simple, stimulating and utterly delicious, it’s as good after dinner as it is as a short, sharp pick-me-up before heading out for the…

How to Make Coconut ‘Bacon’

We’re big fans of bacon. We have a Bacon Critic who gets paid to eat actual money and write about bacon. We obviously take our bacon very seriously, right up there with coffee and avocados. But when you’re a breakfast-loving vegetarian or…

Follow These 5 Ways to Make Your Life Convenient

Life is the most beautiful thing that we have. Yaaa, we did not ask to be in life, we are born from the womb of a pregnant mother during the nine months, however, because we have never asked for life lest we squander this moment of our…
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