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12 Reasons Why We Are Obsessed With Shaming Ourselves

Here are a few major reasons Why We Are Obsessed With Shaming Ourselves 1. Shaming ourselves is a way of acknowledging that failure before someone else does. It’s the reason some people make self-deprecating jokes or call themselves ugly.…

7 Signs That You Are Obsessed With Weddings!

Source Weddings are all about color, sparkle and happiness and it is really difficult to not fall in love with them! Here are a few signs that you love them a bit too much. Read, relate and share a laugh or two. *Wink* 1.) You follow a…

13 Signs That Suggest You Are Obsessed With Stationery

Source Don't be in a denial mode. Accept it! It's a good thing that you love stationary and you are addicted to it. Everyone has some or the other addiction, and you are blessed to give love to pen, paper, charts, folders, diaries and so…
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