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The H1 2017 edition Our mobile chipset guide

Introduction Some of you may know your Kirins and your Snapdragons, but others end up frustrated how to gauge the performance of a chipset inside the phone of their dreams based on the number of cores or the clock rate. This is where this…

What Our Generation Will Be Like When We Get Old

We all love and respect our grandparents, but often we find that we can’t fully understand them, and vice versa. This is because they’re used to seeing the world as it was when they were young, and a lot was different back then.  We at …

Why supermodel Andreea Diaconu is our new It-girl

Meet international model-of-the-moment, Vogue cover girl and the new face of Studio.W Andreea Diaconu. Don’t let Andreea Diaconu’s goofy giggle mislead you. This is one supermodel that has her feet firmly on the ground (except when she’s…
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