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Send in the ‘Bots

China is facing a serious labor shortage in the not-too-distant future, particularly when it comes to filling dirty, dangerous jobs. Chinese citizens born during the 1990s are better educated than any previous generation, and as a result,…

I Send My Dad Cash So He Can Survive

Ruben Izmailyan, 29, has been helping to support his father in Armenia since graduating from college. Ruben talked to MEL about why he does it, how he does it and how it’s changed his life. I grew up in Armenia, and my parents divorced…

4 Ways to Send a Money Transfer Online

22 SharesSHARES Share More 4 Ways to Send a Money Transfer Online MONEY MONEY MANAGEMENTBY TOMER GARZBERG report this ad The Internet has opened up a wide range of possibilities on what can be done remotely. In fact, the way in which the…
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