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12 Reasons Why We Are Obsessed With Shaming Ourselves

Here are a few major reasons Why We Are Obsessed With Shaming Ourselves 1. Shaming ourselves is a way of acknowledging that failure before someone else does. It’s the reason some people make self-deprecating jokes or call themselves ugly.…

Stop food shaming yourself

Pick up those knives and forks and let’s kill the #foodshaming trend- one dessert at a time. “I can’t eat this today. It’s not a cheat day.” “I had pasta for dinner and now I have carb guilt.” “You’ll want to look your best on your wedding…


“If you don’t let us give you Pitocin, your baby could die.” Her doctor said it with complete finality, but there was no medical evidence to back up his claim, as the midwife in the room attested to. The doctor was on his fifth delivery of…
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