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LG Gram laptop series.(lighter than paper!!)

LG stumbled a bit with its Gram series of ultra portable laptops when it entered the US market in late 2015. The initial offerings weren't necessarily bad, but they didn't offer much beyond an ultra lightweight body to compete in an already…

Xiaomi Notebook Air! (specifications)

Xiaomi Notebook Air! So guys recently i got to know about the all new Mi NoteBook Air and the amazing fact is that it is thinner than apple MacBook Air and also “cheaper too”. When I went thought the model and when I looked it on couple of…

5 Types of pay taxes (but aren’t)

When it comes to taxes, everyone knows you have to report your income from a full-time job or side gig. (Of course, not doing so is a common tax mistake.) But the IRS doesn’t stop there — they expect you to pay taxes on all sorts of…

Vivo V5Plus goes on sale in India

The Limited Edition Vivo V5Plus is now on sale in India. The phone is priced at INR 25,990 and available exclusively through Flipkart. The Limited Edition version of this device was announced in India on April 4. The device is intended to…
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21 Points Know on You Feet You Can Your Well-Being

It’s recommended to massage the whole foot, not just certain points. First, stretch and warm up your feet: walk barefoot around the room, rise several times on your toes, and take a warm foot bath. Rub the entire foot with gentle…

“I Love You” But When You Just Don’t Feel the Same

It’s hard when someone proclaims their love for you when you don’t feel the same. Here’s how to respond to “I love you” when you can’t say it back. Love is a very complicated thing. It seems so easy in the movies. We grow up thinking we’ll…

New Hyundai Australia nearing model onslaught

Hyundai Australia’s management has no excuse to be caught slacking off this year, with a full calendar of new and updated model launches on the horizon. After a relatively quiet period of consolidation, the Korean company — a comfortable…



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