How to Crack Wi-Fi Passwords

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1. Open our terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and type airmon-ng (view tips and tricks how to create keyboard shortcut on kali linux)




this command will lists our wireless card that attached with our system.


2. The next step we need to stop our wireless monitor mode by running airmon-ng stop wlan0




3. Now we ready to capture the wireless traffic around us. By running airodump-ng wlan0 our wireless interface will start capturing the data.




From the picture above, we can see many available access point with all the information. In the green box is our victim access point which is my own access point




BSSID (Basic Service Set Identification): the MAC address of access point


PWR: Signal level reported by the card.


Beacons: Number of announcements packets sent by the AP


#Data: Number of captured data packets (if WEP, unique IV count), including data broadcast packets.


#/s: Number of data packets per second measure over the last 10 seconds.


CH: Channel number (taken from beacon packets).


MB: Maximum speed supported by the AP. If MB = 11, it’s 802.11b, if MB = 22 it’s 802.11b+ and higher rates are 802.11g.


ENC: Encryption algorithm in use.


CIPHER: The cipher detected. TKIP is typically used with WPA and CCMP is typically used with WPA2.


AUTH: The authentication protocol used.


ESSID: Shows the wireless network name. The so-called “SSID”, which can be empty if SSID hiding is activated.


4. From the step 3 above, we can find access point with encryption algorithm WPA2 and note the AP channel number. Now we will find out whether target AP has WPS enabled or not.


wash -i wlan0 -c 8 -C -s




if the WPS Locked status is No, then we ready to crack and move to step 5.


5. The last step is cracking the WPA2 password using reaver.


reaver -i <your_interface> -b <wi-fi victim MAC address> –fail-wait=360


Because we already get the information from step 3 above, so my command look like this:


reaver -i wlan0 -b E0:05:C5:5A:26:94 –fail-wait=360




it took about 5 hours to crack 19 characters WPA2 password ( from my Kali virtualBox, but it depend with our hardware and wireless card.

How to Hack Wi Fi Using Android


Desire HD

Micromax A67


2Download and install bcmon. This tool enables Monitor Mode on your Broadcom chipset, which is essential for being able to crack the PIN. The bcmon APK file is available for free from the bcmon page on the Google Code website.

To install an APK file, you will need to allow installation from unknown sources in your Security menu. Step 2 of this article goes into more detail.


3Run bcmon. After installing the APK file, run the app. If prompted, install the firmware and tools. Tap the “Enable Monitor Mode” option. If the app crashes, open it and try again. If it fails for a third time, your device is most likely not supported.

Your device must be rooted in order to run bcmon.

4Tap “Run bcmon terminal”. This will launch a terminal similar to most Linux terminals.Type airodump-ng and tap the Enter button. AIrdump will load, and you will be taken to the command prompt again. Type airodump-ng wlan0 and tap the Enter button.

5Identify the access point you want to crack. You will see a list of available access points. You must select am access point that is using WEP encryption.

6Note the MAC address that appears. This is the MAC address for the router. Make sure that you have the right one if there are multiple routers listed. Jot this MAC address down.



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