10 Reason Why Your First Relationship was not perfect

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Your first relationship… remember that, that one that you had probably in school or college? Yep, we are talking about that here. The memories of that relationship will always remain close to your heart. It taught you how it feels to skip a heart beat for the first time, how the first kiss feels, and how that feeling of constantly being on cloud nine feels?

Plot twist – First relationships are not always perfect and don’t always last forever.

Here are some brutally honest points that will tell you why your first relationship was not perfect.

1. You both were immature to understand the gravity of your relationship


 First time is full of confusions and you have no idea how to deal with things? – And he was an asshole.

2. You’re blinded by the idea of love and believing that everything is perfect


 But the reality is – life is not perfect – And he was an asshole.

3. Over the period of time, you grow as an individual and your likes and dislikes change


 You no longer like the same things that you liked all those years ago – And he was an asshole. Okay. So was she an assbutt.

4. As you come in contact with the world, you realize there’s a lot to explore


And you  soon realize that you can’t be sure of who you want to spend the rest of your life with at the first go; without experiencing what the world has to offer – And he was an asshole.

5. Since you both don’t know how to react to things, every fight makes you overthink


 And more than half of the problems in this world are because of overthinking – And he was an asshole and she an assbutt.

6. When you get out of the “Honeymoon” phase of your relationship, reality dawns on you and you figure that this is not meant to be


 Coz suddenly all cute things become creepy things – And she was an assbutt.

7. You aren’t ready mentally, physically, emotionally and financially to make “Big” commitments


 Also, suddenly people figure out they have commitment phobia – and they both are assbutt assholes.

8. There comes a moment when you feel, “How would it be like to date someone else? I mean this is perfect, but I’ll never know for sure if this is perfect until I explore others.”


 And you give in to it – Seriously. How many assbutts assholes are there in a single relationship?

9. You either give in to it more than you should or less than you should


 Again, you can blame it on the confusion of first time and make peace – ASSBUTT ASSHOLES!

10. After all the ups and downs, fights and love, happiness and sadness you simply want to let go of it and get back to the singles market


People don’t have enough patience and dedication to make relations work. It’s okay. In the end, all that you can do is learn your lessons and make sure to never repeat the same mistakes.

Let go of your grudges and enjoy the good memories. :)



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